My name is Susan Guddat or Sue for short, :).

I’m here to help you or anyone you know who suffers from chronic fatigue, chronic stress and chronic pain.  (I often refer to these as “the 3 chronics”.)  I can teach you how to recover from these chronic ailments because I have experienced and recovered from them myself.  I created a product that is now helping people heal all over the world.  Rainbow Foameez:  Soft Yoga Props and Easy Yoga Method.   Please go to the Rainbow Foameez website by clicking here.

Sparkler2This site offers you my creations from living a life of studying, practicing and teaching certain areas of the Healing Arts and Spirituality.  I am a Teacher, Innovator and Lightworker.

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Stream of Consciousness

Stream of Consciousness

Meditation, breathing and being in the present moment are the keys to accessing your Stream of Consciousness!  So, do you meditate?  If so, maybe examine your practice at this point in time and evaluate how it’s been working for you.  If not, there are many types of meditation practices you can try.  I encourage you… Continue Reading