My name is Susan Guddat or Sue for short, :).

I’m here to help you or anyone you know who suffers from chronic fatigue, chronic stress and chronic pain.  (I often refer to these as “the 3 chronics”.)  I can teach you how to recover from these chronic ailments because I have experienced and recovered from them myself.  I created a product that is now helping people heal all over the world.  Rainbow Foameez:  Soft Yoga Props and Easy Yoga Method.   Please go to the Rainbow Foameez website by clicking here.

Sparkler2This site offers you my creations from living a life of studying, practicing and teaching certain areas of the Healing Arts and Spirituality.  I am a Teacher, Innovator and Lightworker.

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Love Big Meditation

Love Big Meditation

Love Big Meditation You can practice this meditation however you choose, but here are a few suggestions;  seated – in supported seated meditation position or in Big Love Pose which comes highly recommended by all restorative yoga students and myself!  To have a look at Big Love Pose click here and it will take you… Continue Reading