Welcome!  My name is Susan Guddat: I am a metaphysical teacher, writer and healer with 18 years experience teaching yoga and energy.  I am a self-help guru, spiritual junkie, meditating & manifesting Mama, yoga geek, angel freak, and energy expert!

I am dedicated to helping you live a conscious, connected and creative life through the power of healing, energy, breathing and visualization.  When we are conscious and connected, creating manifestation in our lives becomes an everyday occurrence.  This is the desire.

In order to allow manifestations to come into your life on a daily basis, you must be consciously in a state of feeling good. I am here to help you do that!  Meditation, breathing and visualization techniques help heal the body, mind and spirit and along with healing, you experience increased energy, therefore increasing your frequency vibration…this is the key to manifesting your dream life!

In this website you will find information on meditation, manifestation, yoga, energy, angels, spirituality, self-help and for you Moms specifically – how to regain your energy after giving birth…and let’s face it, how to keep your Mama energy at its max all the way through the different stages of parenting.

 DSC_5259I’ve been told these are my best qualities:

Creative   Passionate   Determined   Generous   Loving

From the bottom of my heart and my soul’s true desire, I have created a variety of products for you that I am very passionate about and want to  share with you:  Rainbow Foameez Soft Yoga Props & Easy Yoga Method, affirmation energy art, yoga & angel podcasts, energy meditations, e-books, e-courses.  I look forward to connecting with you in a heartfelt and authentic way and I look forward to helping you heal your life, energize your existence and manifest your dreams – this is my offering to you.


Here is a quick story about myself that led me to the creation of these specific techniques:

It was shortly after I gave birth to my twin baby boys that my morning meditations went missing.  It didn’t take me too long to realize that I had to (and I mean had to!) fit meditation back into my day some way, somehow.  I quickly took on the babies napping schedule – every time they napped I meditated (which sometimes turned into a nap!).  The previous summer, my husband had brilliantly created a meditation spot for me in our backyard where I would now make my way to once the babies were settled into nap – it was here that I created what I call “The Rainbow Way Technique” – healing, breathing and visualization techniques to increase your energy and manifest your dreams.  Every time I practiced these techniques I felt re-charged, re-energized and able to get through the rest of the day looking after two babies.

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Sending you healing energy and wishing your dreams manifest now!



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If you care to know more, here is how it all began…

My timeline bio:

  • born May 29, 1972, Toronto, Canada – lucky to be alive, my heart stopped at birth (I saw “the light” – yes, I have recalled this experience several times now)…a heart specialist happened to be on call at that particular moment in that particular hospital…and here I am!
  • reading and writing were my earliest passions – could read full on by the time I was 4 years old – you could often find me reading a book instead of playing tag with the other kids
  • an artist from the very beginning – passionate about many of the various art forms, including writing, painting, dancing, photography (my Dad bought me my first “real” camera when I was 6 years old and one of my first obsessions became taking pictures of  rainbows – which quickly turned into painting rainbows any and everywhere including a large mural size one on my bedroom wall)
  • my grade 3 teacher asked me to submit my short story into the annual writer’s contest at the school
  • was known to be a little bit bossy at an early age and started “teaching” people at a very early age –whether it be art, skating, school work, reading – some people liked this about me, others not so much!
  • figure skating and dance all the way and all the time – moving those chakras on a regular basis
  • visualization, prayer and meditation were actively a part of my childhood experience…born and raised Catholic, prayer was a daily go to, however, the bigger deal was the visualization and meditation techniques my Mother taught me by the time I was 7 years old….I would get nervous about a skating test and my mother would guide me through breathing techniques which included counting numbers and strong visualizations of how I wanted the skating test to go…this was followed up by a good ole Our Father and Hail Mary…
  • 1983 won the region Science Fair Project, my project title: “Rainbows” – always a sucker for an extensive project – if you love the topic, you love the project
  • became professional figure skating coach in 1988 – I was 16 years old
  • took my first yoga class at the age of 21 – I was hooked and from the very first Savasana I knew I would teach yoga shortly thereafter – LIFE CHANGER
  • it was sometime around age 21 that I was given a copy of  “Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay – completely fascinated by this book, hence the self-help & spiritual journey/obsession begins – LIFE CHANGER
  • 1998 – started teaching yoga and meditation
  • credentials, certificates, diplomas, endless courses in the Healing Arts:  yoga, meditation, Reiki Master, Thai Massage, Angelic Reiki, Quantum-Touch, The Matrix…the list goes on
  • 1999 married my best friend – I had a premonition at the age of 6 that I would marry him one day – become Susan Graham Guddat
  • opened first yoga studio by 1999 – which expanded and changed location a variety of times over the years
  • throughout the yoga studio years, metaphysics and anything and all about angels become my passion
  • 2005 create, develop and teach my yoga studios first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • pregnancy and clairvoyance become me –  WOW – a crazy and cool 2006
  • 2007 gave birth to identical twin baby boys – a serious LIFE CHANGER!
  • late 2008 given several weeks notice that my studio space will not be up for rent renewal any further…enter Ego, The Rainbow Way and a few more life lessons before I can believe, trust and have faith in my truth….LIFE CHANGER
  • 2011 wrote “The Rainbow Way”, send queries and book proposals to a handful of agencies…rejection but with positivity towards my intention of the book – re-enter Ego
  • continued figure skating choreography but eventually retired from the sport after 25 years of teaching and choreographing
  • 15 years teaching yoga, meditation, healing and energy
  • 2013…I honour the entrepreneur in me and launch www.susangrahamguddat.com, heal your life, energize your existence, manifest your dreams
  • 2015 Rainbow Foameez are born when I put my full faith in Source and let the innovator in me out – very exciting!
  • In 2016 I finally decide to drop one of my names-life is complicated enough-so in search of simplifying all areas of my life I officially become ‘Susan Guddat’
  • revamps, redo’s, renew is what 2017 brings:  a new light to our offerings at Rainbow Foameez and a new website url www.susanguddat.com – bringing the 2 sites together in an easy and fun way – i see the light!


TRUST     BELIEVE      FEEL     RECEIVE…and remember that it all comes down to just one thing…you guessed it…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE