IMG_0492Do you believe in Angels? I do. Maybe you are an angel freak like me! You know that song by The Black Crowes, “She Talks To Angels”…that title sums it up.

Angels are non-denominational beings that are messengers of God. Angels are not associated with one particular religion, dogma, spiritual way – they are open to everyone and every way of existence, whether you are religious or not.

Everyone has an Angel by their side at all times. Some people even have two. You must ask your Angels to help you in order to receive the guidance you are requesting. The Angels want to help us. It is their mission.

How do Angels help us?

How do we talk to or call upon or ask for help from the Angels?

Are there particular Angels that help with specific areas in our life?

Can we see Angels?

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I love talking about Angels – they are a part of my everyday. I hope I can inspire you to believe in Angels and call upon them for help in all areas of your life!

With Angel Love,