Energy Rich Life Private Coaching Program

Your “Energy Rich Life” private coaching program will teach you how to stop your lack of energy, joy and abundance from sabotaging your life. You will gain insight to what blocks are holding you back, and with my Energy Healing expertise we will clear those blocks. You will achieve the knowledge, tools and techniques required to increase your energy vibration/frequency, in order to attract the things you want in your life. In other words, you will learn how to fix your low energy levels, your lack of joy and abundance, your stress and anxiety,...and manifest your greatest life!...including raising your financial thermostat with specific Money Energy Healing Techniques!...AND you will learn HOW to MEDITATE with specific Energy MeditationsTM created by me for YOU and I will teach you classic meditation practices as well - all of which you will be able to use for the rest of your life.


Private Coaching will guide and empower you, providing you insight on your most prominent blocks, which may include money, love, career, life purpose, family or health.  I am committed to activating healing for you in all areas of your life and providing you with the necessary tools to break free from whatever it is that's holding you back from living your greatest life!


This one on one program is for you if:

*You are ready to be healed from stress, anxiety and depression

*You are ready to find your life's purpose

*You want to heal your fears, blocks and limiting beliefs

*You want to be in charge of your Energy field so you can function at your highest potential in all areas of your life

*You want to learn how to exist in a state of joy, love and abundant energy


Your Program Includes:

  • (2) – 50 minute, one on one energy coaching sessions monthly (value $1000) Side Note:  this includes Energy Healings from me and I will teach you HOW to MEDITATE
  • Energy Meditations™ – custom created meditations by Susan Graham Guddat to increase your energy frequency (value $599)
  • Monthly group distant energy healing session (value $199)
  • Email support - send me 2 emails per month for support and guidance in between private sessions ($500)



  • Money Energy Clearings included to raise your prosperity vibration and clear your money blocks (value $199)
  • FULL access to the entire “Align Your Energy to Activate Your Abundance” 8-week telecourse series (value $397)
  • Angel Workshop (value $99)
  • MP3 recordings of your 1:1 energy coaching session

Make alchemy occur – it takes practice and time! Say ‘yes’ to manifesting your greatest life full of joy, energy and abundance – you deserve it!


Contact me by email to schedule a FREE consultation with how this one on one coaching program will change your life!

6-month commitment

 Pay in full $2400
(BEST Deal!)

 $425 Per Month
(6 Payments)