Fall Rainbow Light

Fall Rainbow Light

Fall Forest RBP 2I was out in nature enjoying the lovely, crisp Fall air, and came to my favourite spot close to the crickling creek – one of my favourite sounds – and then I looked up and all around- to become intensely aware of the distinct colours the Fall-time provides for us. Autumn is exciting, illuminating and energizing; truly a gift from the Nature Gods. Thank you for the Fall. Thank you for the Autumn Air. Thank you for stripping us to the bare bones and whirling us into the frenzy of transformation.


While I was standing in my favourite meditation spot – by the creek – I began to create a new breathing technique and Energy Meditation™. It soon became clear that it would be called the Fall Forest Rainbow Breath Pattern. It is exuberantly energizing and creates synchronistic events to occur in your life.


I created a picture and diagram for you to follow. Please click on the picture to have a closer look and follow along.


Below are some treasure tips for you to consider while experimenting with this new Energy MeditationTM…and you can get the original Energy MeditationTM here!


Ground in somewhere solid with both feet. Breathe. Visualize an Autumn forest; with vibrant colours splashed everywhere along with the neutral earth tones of brown, gold, silver and grey. There is an entire array of colours to be used when working with the Fall colours.


Close your eyes, see a rainbow spectrum of the Fall colours in your mind’s eye. Breathe. Try to breathe in and out through the nose when doing the technique and pattern – because it lengthens your breath, and is slower. When in between breath visualizations, take a big belly breath in through the nose and a sigh breath out through the mouth on the exhale.


Inhaling up the left side first, visually begin to stack (like bricks) the Fall colours in the Rainbow spectrum, being sure to add in the browns, terra cotta’s, apricots and lime greens! Begin stacking at the bottom of your left foot and then fill the entire left side up with the breath and the Fall Rainbow Light, once you get to the top of your head, pause briefly, and then begin to send the exhale and Fall Rainbow Light down the right side of the body – be sure to not miss any body parts! And now reverse this action, by inhaling up the right side first and exhaling down the left. Continue with the beautiful visual of Fall Rainbow Light.



If at all possible, as a bonus treasure; Intentionally take this technique with you to the forest in the Fall-time, and experience it there!


More treasure notes for you…


For you yogi’s: The above pattern described can work nicely together with alternate nostril breathing – try it!


This technique is for those who easily visualize – if you have a hard time visualizing, go back to the original Rainbow Breath Technique and practice with it for a while. If you don’t already have this FREE gift from me called an Energy Meditation™, you can get it here! Become effortless and efficient at it first, and then try the Fall Forest Rainbow Breath Pattern.


With that being said, you should try this technique either way – you may find it easier or more accessible than the original. Either way will make you feel clean, clear, fresh and energized, :).


The Fall Forest Rainbow Breath Technique & Pattern creates an amazing frequency for your energy body and emanates you with shining light.


Here’s another treasure technique while using this breath: after you’ve stacked the Fall Rainbow colours or maybe you’re having a hard time with that visual and getting ALL the colours in with the breath – instead, try taking one of the Fall colours – so a different shade from the regular Rainbow Light – pick a colour you don’t usually work with or one you are naturally drawn too, for example, today I used the yellow/lime green shade that appears so much this time of year. Close your eyes and breathe in just that colour alone – maybe you pick gold or amber (copper/orange) or moss green – you decide. Keep filling your body, your entire being up with just the one colour you choose. You can fill up head to toe with your breath, or breathe in and fill your heart up with that colour, shine your heart bright with it and when you exhale allow the colour to disperse throughout your entire being, all the way inside of you, all your organs, cells, pours – all the way to your outer body, brightening your aura with that colour as well. Pause and take a full deep breath, in through the nose, out through the mouth.


These techniques contribute to the balancing of your chakras. When you are fully balanced – meaning all chakras are aligned in appropriate equilibrium – YOU ARE ON FIRE!!! Life is good, you feel good (not tired!), you feel balanced in all areas, things are coming to you easily and effortlessly – this certainly is worth setting the intention to attain. However, for some of us yogi’s and energy healers, it can take years to attain full chakra balance and maintain it. On the other hand, some attain it much quicker and easier. It depends upon the path one’s soul must travel along in this lifetime. Let’s take me for example; I have learned that I tend to float in and out of full equilibrium. I’ve had a span of several years in a row – say 12-15, where I’ve experienced full chakra charge continuously. And then it falls away. One chakra falls out of balance, and then possibly 1 or 2 others follow along. This all stems from what life is throwing at you at any given time. Insomnia, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Stress and Chronis Pain completely melted down my chakras and energetic field. Over the years, I’ve now recovered and have been floating in and out of full chakra balance for the past 2-3 years. Sometimes I’m in a very strong flow of chakra equilibrium, and then I will have a tiny set back with a chakra, and fall out briefly, and then get back on.

Side note about above notes – if you are a stubborn son-of-a-bee like me, it may take a few years when you’re just starting out to get on track to full alignment. This is normal, :). There are very few people you see walking around in full balance – more are out of balance than in balance. The lesson here is the less you fight it, the quicker you get to where you want to be in life. No need to be stubborn, and have to re-learn the same lesson over and over…go with the flow, be in the change, and allow.


Lately I am on Fire! Feeling really good, lots of energy, lots of sleep, lots of creativity – I have been fully charged for a few months now, and this is when I can feel my energetic body in full alignment – in full abundance.


And on that I note, I’d like to end by saying that I really should be known as “The Rainbow Lady” 🙂 – that would be cool, I would love that!


Bye-Bye with Rainbow Love!