Hula Hooping Helps Re-Ignite Passion & Purpose!

Hula Hooping Helps Re-Ignite Passion & Purpose!

Hoop Fest Poster 2 JPEGHow does hula hooping help re-ignite passion and purpose? Good question!


Did you know that our main source of creativity lies within a very specific part of the energetic body called the Sacral Chakra. This is fascinating! The Sacral Chakra is located in the pelvic region, 2 inches below the belly button. Now you might be asking, ok Sue – but what exactly does this have to do with hula hooping and re-igniting our passion and purpose???


Where there is PASSION, there is CREATIVITY, where there is CREATIVITY, there is ABUNDANCE.


Bottom line and a big, ‘ya sister’!, to that. Our ability to create and be creative is one of the tickets to finding our passion and purpose. Once we re-discover our passion and purpose, then creativity flows from us like the beautiful long locks of the Goddess Aphrodite.


Creativity and passion go hand in hand when it comes to your purpose and most of all when it comes to creating and receiving abundance in your life.


There are many ‘exercises’ to ignite creativity and therefore re-ignite your passion and purpose; hula hooping is just one that I have recently become a big fan of. Hula hooping is an activity similar to dance, which requires movement from within and therefore creates a freedom from within. Hula hooping is very activating to the Sacral Chakra and definitely gets the creative juices flowing. Not only that, it is a great workout for your core and provides exercise while having fun!


My good friend Sacha Thoman is a hula-hoop instructor – lucky me! Lately I’ve experienced lots of hula lessons and techniques thanks to Sacha.


The combination of hula hooping and dance has been a great reminder for me – energetically. Ok, so what do I mean by that? On an energetic level I know the true source of ‘who I am’ is sparked by allowing myself to be free in my body; not only be free in my body, but express freely from the inside out. Hula hooping is one of the activities that brings forth this freedom in me. From the freedom I receive a greater sense of connecting to the real me. (Please note that here is where fireworks explode, sparks of light fly, and a burst of joy and fun is revealed!)


So you see, the main goal is the fireworks! When feeling explosive with creativity, passion is ignited and your purpose easily reveals itself. And the beautiful bonus – the chocolate covered almond – is feeling joyful and fun! Joy and fun are the main keys to manifesting abundance in your life.


If you are motivated – pick up a hula-hoop and get moving sister Goddess! It’s fun, brings out laughter (especially when you hit a fellow hoop sister in the head with your hoop!) and helps re-ignite creativity, passion and purpose.


Have Fun!