I’m A Terrible Mom

I’m A Terrible Mom

IMG_7083It’s official – I get the “Bad Mom of the Year” Award!


Have you ever been ashamed of your actions as a Mom? Have you ever said things to your child that you didn’t mean? I know I have and I am embarrassed about it. I’ve recently been informed that I’ve made a mistake with my parenting. Basically it was suggested to me that I am a terrible Mom! Now the doctor didn’t say that to me exactly, however, he did question my actions enough that I have cast upon myself the “Terrible Mom” title. I feel sad about this, and now have to attempt to forgive myself. Not only do I have to forgive myself, but I now have to take the required actions steps to help my child shift out of his unhealthy state-of-mind.


Ever since giving birth to twin boys, I’ve found the parenting role quite a challenge. However, I’ve had some bright enlightening moments as a Mom; loving seeing my kids excel at what they love to do; dancing and doing art with them. The bright enlightening moments have been intertwined with dark heavy emotional moments along my parenting path. I have a “difficult” child whose behaviour often throws me over the edge. He doesn’t listen very well – which I understand is common – however, his ‘not listening’ has created a large amount of stress and fear in me, and often brings out the worst in me. I find myself yelling at him more than my other child, and yelling creates anger in me (or vice versa), which is unhealthy on so many levels.


I counter-act this with a lot of meditation and breathing. Thank God for these tools; they are simple enough to incorporate in and throughout my day when needed. And I begin everyday with a morning meditation and prayer time. This helps tremendously. Another healing technique I’ve learned from all of my Angel Energy training is that you can transmute your bad behaviour or inappropriate words by simply requesting this from the Angels.


Here is what you can say to the Angels: “Angels, please transmute my bad behaviour, I am ashamed of behaving this way and Angels, please undo any effects of my inappropriate actions or words, in all space and time, thank you.” Deep breath in and out, and so it is.


You can work directly with another persons (like your child’s) Angels as well – like this: “Beck’s Angels, Beck’s Angels, Beck’s Angels, please transmute my bad behaviour towards Beck, and words that are of lower energies and inappropriate that I used towards Beck…please transmute the effects they may have had on him in all space and time, from past, present and future, thank you Beck’s Angels.” Deep breath in and out, and so it is.


I hope I’m not being too honest, open and transparent with you by sharing this. I also hope that I’m not the only Mom out there that has had a similar experience. I would love to hear from you if you are a Mom that can relate to this in some way. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one! I feel bad enough as it is; there must be other Moms out there that have given themselves the “Terrible Mom” title at one point in time along their parenting path. Please connect with me and tell me I’m not alone :).


Humbly Yours,