Love Big Meditation

Love Big Meditation

Love Big Meditation

You can practice this meditation however you choose, but here are a few suggestions;  seated – in supported seated meditation position or in Big Love Pose which comes highly recommended by all restorative yoga students and myself!  To have a look at Big Love Pose click here and it will take you to my other website and business called Rainbow Foameez – which is all about Restorative Yoga.  Here you will find a picture, and an explanation of Big Love Pose, and learn all of its benefits with a reminder to practice this Love Big Meditation with lots of loving breaths while resting in Big Love Pose.

Here is a drawing I created of the Love Big Meditation:




You can simply create your version of this meditation by looking at the picture and visualizing, for example, roots at the base of your spine, breathe in the colour reddish brown right at the tip of the tailbone and perrenium, now say to yourself silently, “I am rooted in love, secure in money and life loves me.” Repeat several times.  You can always create and make-up your own affirmations from the ones I offer in the drawing – this is what I do with Louise Hay’s affirmations – I’m pretty sure ‘Life Loves Me’ is a Louise Hay affirmation – thanks Louise!


Next, move up to the flame, breathe in brilliant orange 2 inches below the belly button and low back and visualize the flame, now repeat “I love being creative and all my desires are met!”


Now travel upward to the Solar Plexus region – your mid-section right above belly button – visualize a beautiful yellow sunflower, breathe and say to yourself, “I love me and looking after myself.”


Moving up to the heart centre, breathe directly into the heart and heart region with sparkling emerald green light, go ahead and visualize an oversized overlapping ever expanding green heart pulsating out of your heart centre, and repeat, “I am unconditional love.  I love all unconditionally.”  (Thought I’d share a mantra here – if you want, instead repeat the words ‘aham prema’ – over and over with each breath and into your heart.  ‘Aham Prema’ is sanskrit and means ‘I am divine love’.)


Next move into the throat chakra – which sits right in the centre of the neck and throat.  Visualize a beautiful blue butterfly – breathe in sky blue right into the throat and say to yourself silently, “I speak loving and kind words. I speak my truth.” Repeat a few times over.


Now head on up to the third eye centre located right in the centre of the brain.  Visualize an upside down pyramid painted dynamic indigo blue.  Breathe.  Focus. Repeat in your mind’s eye, “I love the visions I see.  I can see clearly.”


And to complete the Love Big Meditation, bring the energy up to the top of the head to the crown chakra.  Visualize a luscious amethyst purple lotus flower sitting-unfolding-on top of your head.  Breathe up into the top of the head – pause – now say to yourself, “I listen to and love hearing from Source.”  Repeat.


I hope you enjoyed the meditation…and even practice it in bits and pieces – maybe even just one affirmation resonates with you best, so repeat it a bunch!


Wishing you Wellness and Love,