Love Notes

Love Notes


Great call and powerful meditations.  I did feel all buzzed after the rainbow breathing exercise.

Thanks so much!  Lynette


Wow!  Today’s video was spectacular! I try 2 live in the NOW but having it reinforced on a video helps bring it back into my mind.  Thank you! – Carol Weemhoff


Hi Susan,

I am loving the seminars. I appreciate so much the opportunity to listen and to improve.

One of my friends and I are doing this together. When I can’t call in, she takes notes; and when she misses a call, I take notes. We discuss and learn together as well. It makes it all so real. If we do take this in and apply it, it will just make the world better one little bit at a time. It’s a process though!!

Thank you! Thank you for your gift.

Thank you very much

Warm regards,

Holly Hickman


Dear Susan,

I love your Summit.

Great speakers, you are fabulous and the length is perfect. 

Thank you!




Thanks for the session.

I am 80 this coming year and have been on this journey for many…many years.

In the beginning ….not cool…friends and family walked away…very alone…but…now some are seeing me in a new light!

Thanks to people like you and new technology.  I chose to experience the healing of humanity and know from experience we need to heal ourself before we can bring healing to others.

Sound, music and the breath when you work with it within your own body has become the most valued gift I have given myself.

More important… is the fact that this costs nothing …relativley speaking …..the very poorest on our planet would benefit.  People like you and this summit are a positive move in that direction.

Thank-you once again.

Love, light and peace…Frances


Soooo many thanks to you for doing this!

What a great blessing!

With love and gratitude,



Hi Susan,

Wanted to thank you for all you are doing and have doneDeborah Mctomney