6-month online group coaching program

As a Mom, I know you are passionate about your kids and you love them VERY much. But have you forgotten about YOU? And could you use some extra cash flow?

Don’t rely on your husband’s money anymore – He’ll love you for it!

You are in the right place if:

  • You are a Mom!
  • You feel you’ve been neglecting yourself, lacking in self-care and self-love
  • YOU ARE TIRED!!!! and have been experiencing Mommy fatigue
  • You want tools to learn how to re-discover your specific Passion in life
  • You feel you’ve “lost” your identity to the Mommy role and want to re-ignite Your Purpose
  • You want to trust and use your authentic gifts, and offer them to the world…and make Money from them!
  • You want tools to help re-charge, re-energize and de-stress you

I created The Mommy Money Program: Re-ignite Your Passion and Purpose for more Money, Energy and Love because I know first-hand what it feels like to:

  • Give up your lifelong career to be a stay-at-home Mom
  • Lose your regular paycheck
  • Be overwhelmingly tired and fatigued to the point of barely functioning
  • Forget to look after yourself first and foremost
  • Let go of your past identity, passion and purpose all for the sake of raising your kids
  • Experience stress, anxiety and overwhelm

ALLPuzzlesThe key ingredients to being an abundant, successful, happy, healthy and wealthy Mom are available to you inside this program I’ve created just for YOU.

I invite you to take a look inside this in-depth group coaching program, The Mommy Money Program: Re-ignite Your Passion and Purpose for more Money, Energy and Love…it is abundantly flowing with step-by-step strategies, practical tools, proven techniques and exercises to launch you into living YOUR most abundant life, starting your biz, and making money…and is fully infused with love and authenticity from my heart to yours.

Here are your 6 Modules:

Module 1: Energy Work

This module includes specific Energy Healing Work to loosen the grip on fatigue, stress and overwhelm you experience as a Mom. Reverse limiting beliefs you’ve been hanging onto about money, passion or purpose, increase your energy frequency (vibration), and heal any blocks that have been holding you back.

Module 2: Self-Love, Self-Care

In this module we dive deep into re-discovering you. Strategies are implemented to getting you back on track to looking after yourself. Techniques, tools and exercises are provided to assist you in making yourself a priority, loving yourself for who you are and re-discovering that you are just as important as your kids.

Module 3: Igniting Creativity & Re-igniting Passion and Purpose

Mapping out your most authentic desires. This module is my favorite because it’s the most fun! We unravel the true you that has gone missing and reveal your current passion and purpose that you want to offer to the world.

Module 4: Biz Basics 1 – Getting Started

Learn the basics of getting your business started. Discover your business name, branding, and basic website necessities that will launch your offerings out to the world.

Module 5: Biz Basics 2 – The Details

This is a very detailed module, which teaches you the ins and outs of making money. You will learn specific business strategies, marketing, programming and selling techniques required in order to make your business a HUGE success.

Module 6: Integration and Where To Go From Here

This module brings it all together by teaching you that it is possible to have it all! You will learn how to unite the techniques, tools, exercises and business strategies by implementing them all with honor and respect for yourself and your needs. Peer into the future of your biz, as you will learn the next steps for your businesses success.

“Thank you for your beautiful work!  I truly enjoyed the sessions. I found them very grounding, healing and potent.  Precious work!!!!With much gratitude for all that you do and for your Generous Soul.”

Love and Blessings, Vessy

Heres what you get:

  • 10 – Comprehensive Mommy Money Training Videos

    Download monthly modules with 60+ minutes of training per month (value $3000)

  • 1 - Private 45-minute Energy Coaching session

    with Susan to align you energetically off the top (value $275)

  • 9 - Group 60-minute Energy Healing Sessions

    with Susan ($1000)

  • 5 - Group 60-minute Q &A Mastermind LIVE coaching calls

    to discuss your progression through each module (value $500)

  • 1 - Private 45-minute co-creating coaching call

    to assist you personally and make sure you are on the right track (value $275)

  • Access to the Mommy Money private online forum

    for daily support from Susan and the Mommy Money Community on any questions that may arise (priceless!)

  • The Mommy Money Workbook

    extensive worksheets, templates, outlines and references available to you every step along the way to help you create more Money, Energy & Love (value $1500)

“As a Mom, working with Susan has been transformational! The combination of the Energy Healing Work, re-discovering my passion and purpose by revealing my authentic offerings and how to start my business and make money again has been exhilarating. Susan gently guided me back to the true me and re-ignited the spark that went missing. I can’t thank her enough – I am truly grateful for Susan and this inspiring work she offers.”

With much love and gratitude,  Monica

The option to add on 2 extra PRIVATE 45-minute coaching calls

for only $275 (half price!)

Lifetime Membership to the Mommy Money Community -

which creates support and lifelong friends from fellow participants plus receive access to any future updates of the program

$2500 or $416/month

But if you register by October 3rd , you pay half the price! Yes, Act NOW and join this program for

ONLY $1250 or $208/month.

Start Date: October 27, 2014

1 Easy Payment of $997
6 Payments of $208/month

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I GET IT – You Are Probably Scared & Unsure If This Is Right For You…That’s Why I Am Offering A 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

So you feel totally at ease and have nothing to lose, I invite you to try the program with us for the 30 days and still opt out if you decide it’s not right for you!

Just a note: I anticipate this program to fill up quickly due to the caliber of content and level of live support it contains. To make sure you are well-served I will be only admitting a limited number of participants.

SO DON’T WAIT ONE MORE SECOND.  Register NOW to hold your spot (even if you change your mind later) and allow me the honor of serving you so you can Re-ignite Your Passion and Purpose for more Money, Energy and Love!

Are you in?

“Susan is a confident and gifted energy worker.  Her guidance and intuition were spot on and incredibly useful, and she offered tools and insights that had a seriously constructive impact on my relationship with my life.  I found her style to be unique, grounded, dedicated, and unreserved. I am so grateful!”

– Anna Swisher

“Susan Graham Guddat was divinely sent into my life at a time when I was at the crossroads of despair and opportunity.  Susan has the unique ability, wisdom and empathy that guided me out of a thicket of fear and old beliefs that weren’t serving me and into the truths of who I am and what I have to give.  And what I appreciate so deeply is that above and beyond the transformational session I had with Susan, is the tools she gave me to continue to connect and align with my source and my true self.  If you are longing to be the truest, most authentic and abundant version of yourself (and who isn’t?) I warmly encourage you to give yourself the gift of working with Susan Graham Guddat- she is incredibly gifted and generous with her gifts”.

 God bless! – Lola Reed

I invite you to set up a chat with me, please contact me directly at susan@susangrahamguddat.com. I look forward to speaking with you!