Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

photoLately, my 7 year old boys have re-ignited their love of superheroes; one is always Batman and the other Robin. They love to hang with their galpal bestie Isla, who has learned all about Wonder Woman over the past few days – as the boys have as well. They’ve been watching YouTube episodes of the original Wonder Woman series, and of course all 3 of them are quite pleased with Wonder Womans’ super powers. Every episode the 3 would start watching they would pause half way through and head to the basement to act out a superhero scene – so fun and imaginative – and of course they seeked me out as the evil super hero who they would run up from the basement and spastically ‘kill’ every so often – many fake deaths I enacted within one hour! It was fun, spontaneous, and a reminder of embracing the super hero within – because we all can :).


Deepak Chopra has written a book called, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes. I haven’t actually read it (don’t worry, I will!), however, I saw Deepak Chopra being interviewed on the book’s topic and at the time remember feeling intrigued about the concept of embracing the superhero within – embodying their powers from an energetic point of view. It’s much like how we choose to embody the Goddess with mantra practice, visualization, breath and love. We can embody superhero energy with our imagination, breath and stance. Now pick whatever superhero you want, but I choose Wonder Woman!!!


When I was a little girl my boys’ age, I LOVVVED Wonder Woman – she was my hero and idol. My sister and I loved dressing up as Wonder Woman – and Yes – we had Wonder Woman outfits, Wonder Woman bathing suits, Wonder Woman towels…lots of Wonder Woman stuff. The older neighbourhood girls that babysat us would come over and dress us up in our Wonder Woman costumes and then take pictures of us and make us act out a scene…in fact, I’m sure I have a picture of little me dressed up as Wonder Woman…my Dad once came home from a tradeshow where he had his picture taken with a Wonder Woman – it wasn’t actually Lynda Carter, but it sure did look like her!…in fact, I’m sure I have that picture somewhere too – my sister and I had it hanging in our bedroom…and recently, my Mother gave me a bag of our Wonder Woman outfits she kept from when we were kids – crazy, but I think Wonder Woman has been calling my name, and come swirling back into my life.


Just last week I was watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (I know – I still watch that show!), and there was a scene where a woman brain surgeon named Amelia was nervous about an upcoming operation. She preceded to demonstrate to her student doctor a special superhero stance – where you stand with your legs hip distance or a bit wider, stand strong, make fists with your hands and put them on your hips, stick your chest out and up to the sky, looking up slightly, breathe, keep your eyes open and smile, breathe in superhero energy and take it on with all your might – you are strong and powerful like a superhero – say to yourself, “I am strong and powerful, I am Wonder Woman”. Now, as I’m sure you can tell, I added on the last few lines of instruction to Amelia’s demonstration, but what a great reminder and there is certainly no reason why we can’t learn and use this superhero stance in our real lives. Try it!


Because I’m ALL about Energy, I’ve loved combining the energies of Wonder Woman and Goddess Lalita. It’s taken me to another level of re-finding myself and owning my feminine powers and energies. It feels great!


If you want to know how to combine energies, you can ask me here. As for now, I wish for you to embrace and embody the strong, powerful, goddess, superhero within.




P.S. The pic alongside this post is the front of a gift card that was given to me not too long back – my biz partner at the time was reminding me that I really am Wonder Woman with all that I do and take-on…:) xoxo