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Work With Me

Energy Rich Life Private Coaching Program

Your “Energy Rich Life” private coaching program will teach you how to stop your lack of energy, joy and abundance from sabotaging your life.  You will gain insight to what blocks are holding you back (whether that be money blocks, fear blocks or anxiety and depression blocks), and with my Energy Healing expertise we will clear those blocks.  You will achieve the knowledge, tools and techniques required to increase your energy vibration/frequency, in order to attract the things you want in your life.  In other words, you will learn how to fix your low energy levels, lack of joy and abundance, and manifest your greatest life!

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Imagine what your life would be like if you experienced:

  • abundant energy
  • overflowing joy
  • stress and worries melting away
  • confidence and high self-esteem on a regular basis
  • clarity on your life purpose
  • peace and calm more often than not
  • opportunities opening up for you
  • money flowing in!


I am now filling the 6-month Energy Rich Life Private Coaching Program.  Get More Details Here!

Why a six month commitment? Besides the fact that everyone wants a quick fix that doesn’t require any effort on their part, the human’s emotional anatomy has something called “Emotional Lag-time”, – I learned this from Psychiatrist, Dr. A. Waese.  Emotional Lag-time means that it requires time for the mental/emotional state of being to respond to a different way of being.  This is why Energy work is so pertinent and why allowing yourself 6-months of Energy Healing will knock out the old patterns for good.  Energy work is unquestionably a fast-track way to relief, healing and freedom on every level, but it is WAY more effective when you are committed to the process. One or two sessions will make you feel fantastic, but commitment to the work for 6 months with 2 private sessions monthly, cultivated towards your specific needs, will create lasting change. You will be absolutely delighted with the easiness and gracefulness of the process.  And you will feel rejuvenated and re-energized – guaranteed!

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